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Violentology printed folio by folio

Violentology printed folio by folio

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For both aesthetic and onceptual reasons, Violentology is printed on the rotary press of the legendary El Espectador newspaper, which is world-famous for having stood up to Pablo Escobar even after he blew up the newspaper offices in 1989. El Espectador has courageously worked over the years to expose the atrocities committed by guerrillas, paramilitaries and state forces against the civilian population.

As well, El Espectador uses a prize-winning heat-set process that allows for gorgeous deep blacks and beautiful color rendition on porous paper, without smudging.


The final design, pre-press work and the printing of Violentology are supported by the Open Society Institute Audience Engagement Grant and by the Tim Hetherington Grant, given in Tim’s honor by the World Press Foundation, Human Rights Watch and Tim’s parents, Judith and Alistair Hetherington.


An image from the plant, as Violentology gets printed folio by folio:



Pressmen at Carvajal’s printing plant examine the paper.



Don José Acuña, Printing Coordinator from the newspaper El Espectador, works to get the deepest black possible, taking advantage of the award-winning heat-set process used by El Espectador. This maestro has over 30 years experience printing on newspaper.



A video of the process shot by Nicolás van Hemelryck: