Post Statement Book Exhibition Booklets

Selected chapters of Violentology: A Manual of the Colombian Conflict and additional photographic essays ( “Booklets” ) will be available as PDFs, which can be downloaded free of charge from the Internet.   This mode of distribution is supported by  the Tim Hetherington Grant awarded by World Press Photo and Human Rights Watch.



The PDF format is an effective way to distribute visual journalism. Once downloaded, the Booklet can be shared via USB memory stick without needing continued access to the internet. This mode of distribution reaches Colombians who live in regions that have limited access to the internet, which is generally the case in the rural areas most affected by the war.The production of the first such PDF was supported by a generous grant from the Alicia Patterson Foundation, and can be downloaded from the web here.



The following booklet serves as a guide to understanding Colombia’s insurgencies, and particularly the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrilla movement. This booklet may be downloaded here.



The following booklet serves as a guide to understanding the history of paramilitarism in Colombia. Download here.


The following report by investigator María McFarland of Human Rights Watch details the emergence of neo-paramilitary groups in Colombia. These militias are successors to the Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia (AUC) paramilitary army, which only partially demobilized in 2003 – 2006. Download here.



In September 2013, I contributed with Human Rights Watch on a report on the displaced Colombians who face killings and widespread death threats for attempting to reclaim their land. Download here.



This report done by Human Rights Watch in March 2014 documents the situation of dismemberment, disappearances and displacement in Buenaventura, Colombian’s main port in the Pacific Ocean. Download here.



This 140-page report assesses Colombia’s progress toward investigating and breaking the influence of paramilitaries’ mafia-like networks. Download here.